Four Reasons Your Business Needs Workers Compensation Insurance In Australia


The term "workers compensation insurance" is often associated with physical injuries and occupational diseases. However, it has a much broader scope when it comes to protecting employers and employees. Workers compensation insurance covers medical expenses, lost income and rehabilitation costs if an employee suffers an injury that prevents them from doing their job. Here are four reasons why your business needs workers compensation insurance. 1. It Protects You From Legal Liability

14 November 2022

Insight Into Trade Insurance for Construction Contractors


If you are a practising construction contractor, then you need trade insurance to protect your business from different risks, including fire, theft, public liability and workers' compensation. Notably, you should give priority to trade insurance policies that will protect your business significantly, such as workers' compensation. The trade policy covers employees against work-related injuries or illnesses. Workers' compensation trade cover also covers employees' medical expenses, rehabilitation and wages due to an injury or illness. Most importantly, every state and territory in Australia requires employers to provide workers' compensation insurance for their staff.

15 June 2020

Reasons Why You Need Public Liability Coverage


Public liability coverage has become a necessary insurance cover for many business owners. However, for some business owners, it is the last on their priority list. Well, they may not know that the concept of the coverage is to protect them from any property damage, accident or injury. The insurance is offered to both small business owners operating from their houses and large corporate companies owning their own properties. The insurance coverage serves as a lifeline for anyone in case any misfortune incident.

20 December 2016